C. Jere by Artisan House

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  • sterling journey

    Like its namesake, “Sterling Journey” presents exquisite shades of silver. The piece’s textured round shape is split vertically into two pieces with a robust metal ball joining both sections together near the item’s top.

  • propensity

    Flawlessly blending classic, circular shapes with a neutral color palate is "Propensity." Its versatility knows no boundaries and allows for display in most any environment, no matter a study, office or living space.

  • tangular

    A stylish combination of cool tones and intertwining geometric shapes, "Tangular" effortlessly transforms any wall from simple to sophisticated.

  • contingent

    Brilliantly brightening a room with its bold shade of red, is “Red Circles.” An overlapping pattern of varying-sized circles plays on one another to create a multi-dimensional appearance, in a flowing pattern, with a contemporary flair.